Boarding and Sports Assistant (Gap Student - Female only)

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Boarding and Sports Assistant (Gap Student - Female only)

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Repton School in Dubai has been consistently rated as ‘Outstanding’ by the Dubai education authority (KHDA) placing us in the top 1% of schools in the country. We have close links to our sister school, Repton UK in Derbyshire which allows our students to benefit from an international education based on the British independent system. 


Repton has state-of-the-art facilities and is situated on a spectacular campus of 1.3million sq. ft, making it the largest school in the region. There are currently around 1800 students attending the school from the age of 3 to 18. In addition, 50 weekly and full-time boarding students are supported by a dedicated team of house staff, making Repton a world-class educational community in every sense.


Repton is now looking to hire a gap student in the role of Boarding and Sports Assistant for one academic year starting August end 2018. 


The Boarding and Sports Assistant is expected to live full time in the Boarding House, with specific duties as described below.

Main tasks

  • To contribute to the wider life of the school by supporting and delivering after school sports ECAs, running teams and fulfilling lunch/break duties.
  • To assist the member of staff on duty one/two nights per week in addition to regular Thursday evening/weekend duties.
  • To be highly visible at all times whilst on duty.
  • To help maintain the house’s general tidiness regarding health and safety
  • Ensure that all pupils have a reasonable structure to their day and evening, including prep.
  • Support the duty staff in developing and following boarding house routines, including meal times, prep, bedtimes.
  • Be aware of and reinforce the school rules on good behaviour and the expectations outlined in the house handbook.
  • Ensure that all rooms are kept tidy and at an acceptable level of cleanliness, and laundry days are observed i.e. stripping of beds and dirty washing put in bins.
  • Pass on all maintenance concerns to the Housemistress or School Housekeeping manager.
  • Be on hand to assist the Housemistress with duties within the boarding house, as requested.

Pastoral role

  • Ensure that the pupils are happy and safe in the boarding environment, supporting the positive well-being environment. When appropriate, helping, and listening to problems, looking out for any issues, e.g. bullying, eating disorders, depression, homesickness etc. within the boarding house and reporting back to the Housemistress.
  • Be responsible for accompanying pupils to appointments with doctors’ dentists’, extra tuition, to and from the airport, ID, medicals, driving licence and visa’s etc. Booking all transport with the transport manager with as much notice as possible


Child Protection

  • Receive appropriate child protection training prior to beginning work in the boarding house.
  • Undergo induction training with the Housemistress and Assistant Housemistress prior to beginning duties in the boarding house.

First Aid

  • Undergo appropriate medical training to ensure that you could assist in the event of a medical emergency.

Dress code

  • Be properly attired for a working day from 6.30 am during the week and 9.30 am on the weekends