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Head of Senior School - Repton School Dubai

Job advert

Repton School Dubai is seeking to hire an Outstanding Head of Senior School to commence August 2019. This is a prestigious role in one of the world's leading IB schools


About Repton School Dubai

Repton Dubai is a prominent international school in the heart of Dubai and one of only a handful of schools in Dubai to boast an Outstanding rating from the Dubai Schools Inspection Board since 2014. One of the few genuinely international schools in the Gulf Region, Repton Dubai combines the reputation and academic rigour of the UK curriculum, from infants and junior school through to IGCSE level in Year 11, and then embraces the challenges and opportunities of the International Diploma or IB in the Sixth Form.

Set in the largest, most spectacular school campus in the Middle-East, and almost uniquely in Dubai offering a dynamic boarding experience in addition to day school, Repton pupils from ages 3-18 benefit from facilities, resources and a classroom and sporting experience that is the envy of their peers.

Our mission is to promote excellence in every area of a child's and student's life at school, within and outside the classroom.


Job Purpose:
The Head of Senior School is responsible to the Principal ( Headmaster) and Governing Board of Repton School, Dubai for the leadership, internal organisation, management and control of the school.


Main Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Supporting the Principal to formulate the aims and objectives of Repton School.
  • Creating and implementing the School Development Plan, setting strategic targets and performance indicators.
  • Continuing to make Repton School a model of outstanding educational practice by using evidence-based pedagogy.
  • Continuing to make Repton School a model of outstanding pastoral care by using pro-active techniques to maintain high attendance rates and positive engagement in all aspects of school life.
  • Leading and inspiring the staff by his/her example and encouraging them to achieve the highest personal and professional standards at all times.
  • Leading by example and providing inspiring and purposeful leadership for the staff and students.
  • Working in partnership with the Principal, Governing Board, staff, and parents in generating the ethos and values which underpin the school.
  • Ensuring that all those involved in the school are committed to its aims and involved in meeting objectives which secure the educational success of the school.
  • Ensuring that the management, finances, organisation and administration of the school support its vision and aims.
  • Ensuring that policies and practices take account of national, local and school data including inspection and research findings and the outcomes of school self-review.
  • Monitoring and evaluating the performance of the school and responding and reporting to the Governing Board as required.
  • Monitoring, evaluating and reviewing the effects of the school’s policies, priorities and targets and taking action if necessary.

Teaching and Learning

  • Monitoring and evaluating teaching and learning and the standards of students’ achievement and setting targets for improvement.
  • Maintaining an environment and a code of behaviour to promote and secure effective learning and good behaviour.
  • Determining, organising, implementing and monitoring the curriculum and ensuring that it:
    • meets statutory requirements
    • is relevant to the needs of all students
    • leads to improved educational provision
  • Maintaining and developing effective links with the community, to extend the curriculum and enhance teaching and learning.
  • Maintaining an effective partnership with parents to support and improve students’ achievement and personal development.
  • Teaching students in the school to such an extent as may be appropriate.


  • Providing all students with a personalised curriculum which meets their needs and which includes particular support for those with learning difficulties or those who may be particularly gifted.
  • Creating ways for students to be actively involved in the school decision-making process and for their views on the learning process to be listened to and respected.
  • Providing opportunities for students to enhance their learning by participating in enterprise activities, educational visits, work experience and other extracurricular activities
  • Maintaining House system in the Senior School to achieve educational, sporting and artistic excellence.

Liaison with Parents

  • Keeping in close contact with parents and being available to meet with them where appropriate to discuss their child's progress or welfare.
  • Ensuring parents receive regular information from Repton School and providing reports on their children’s work and progress. Ensuring parents have opportunities to discuss these reports with appropriate staff.
  • Holding regular parents’ evenings for each year group for parents.
  • Creating opportunities to encourage children with their work.


  • Determining, organising and implementing appropriate curriculums for Repton School.
  • Ensuring that teachers use personalised learning for all students to allow them to achieve their full potential.
  • Arranging for the construction & driving optimisation of the school timetable, with commercial acumen to close or merge under-optimised subjects to enhance staffing utilisation.

Leadership and Management

  • Participating in the recruitment and selection of teaching and non-teaching staff
  • Planning, allocating, supporting and evaluating work undertaken by groups, teams and individuals, ensuring clear delegation of tasks and devolution of responsibilities in a manner consistent with conditions of employment.
  • Implementing and sustaining effective systems for the management of staff performance, incorporating appraisal and target setting.
  • Leading, coordinating and monitoring the continuing professional development of staff as appropriate.
  • Ensuring that professional duties are fulfilled.
  • Develop good working relationships with governors, staff, students, parents, the community and the regulators.
  • Efficient and effective deployment of staff and resources

Leading People

  • Ensuring that Repton School is adequately and appropriately staffed, and ensuring the recruitment and retention of high-calibre staff.
  • Encouraging team development and an ethos which enables everyone to work collaboratively and accept responsibility for shared outcomes across both academic and commercial aspects of the school
  • Managing the deployment of all staff; delegating duties as appropriate to his/her senior colleagues and, in particular, making arrangements for the Deputy Head Teachers to deputise for him/her in the event of his/her absence from the school.
  • Ensuring that all employees (teachers and support staff) at Repton School receive appropriate information and training to enable them to carry out their professional duties.
  • Overseeing and reporting regularly on performance management within Repton School, making certain that adequate training and development opportunities are made available to all employees, as well as appropriate action where performance is unsatisfactory

Managing Resources

  • Assessing teachers to determine their progress on the pay scales, in line with an agreed Performance Management Policy.
  • Allocating, controlling and accounting for the financial and material resources of Repton Senior School.
  • Ensuring the maintenance and development of the premises and grounds to ensure maximum practical use by students throughout the day.
  • Having due regard at all times for the Health and Safety of all users and ensuring that appropriate Health and Safety responsibilities are understood by all
  • Setting appropriate priorities for expenditure, allocation of funds and effective administration and control.
  • Managing and organising the accommodation efficiently and effectively to ensure it meets the needs of the curriculum and health and safety regulations
  • Making arrangements for the security and effective supervision of the school buildings, their contents and the grounds.
  • Managing, monitoring and reviewing the range, quality and use of all available resources in order to improve the quality of education, improve students’ achievements, ensure efficiency and secure value for money.


  • Creating and developing an organisation in which all the staff recognise that they are accountable for both the academic and commercial success of the school.
  • Presenting a coherent and accurate account of the school’s performance in a form appropriate to the range of audiences, including Governors, parents, the local community, KHDA, and others to enable them to play their part effectively.
  • Ensuring that parents and students are well informed about the curriculum, attainment and progress and about the contribution they can make in supporting their child’s learning and achieving the school’s targets for improvement.
  • Providing information, objective advice and support to the Governing Board to enable it to meet its responsibilities for securing effective teaching and learning and improved standards of achievement, and for achieving efficiency and value for money.
  • To carry out any such duties as may be reasonably required by the Principal and Governing Board.

External Liaison

  • Maintaining positive and active relationships with other schools, businesses and agencies in the area, in particular with local feeder primary schools.
  • Maintaining links with social services, the local police and organisations involved in working with young people and the local community at large.


Education / Qualification Requirements:

  • Bachelors degree and PGCE
  • Masters in a relevant subject or NPQH / equivalent
  • QTS

Experience Requirements:

  • 15 years of teaching and leadership experience, with 3+ years experience as Head or Head of School through IB/KS5 in a renowned school with an outstanding track record of achievement
  • Demonstrable experience in targeting improvement in the attainment of candidates in specific demographics
  • Significant experience managing large budgets and managing financial/commercial aspects of a school
  • Experience managing a school through a technology accreditation program or transformation, and with a passion for exploring the possibilities to enhance both academic and staff work/life balance outcomes through adopting new technologies.
  • Experience in a boarding setting both within and outside the UK would be advantageous.

What we Offer:

  1. Exceptional international financial package
  2. Generous leave entitlements and annual flight allowance:
  3. World class medical & healthcare benefits
  4. Tuition fee remission in Repton School for candidates with dependents


Repton School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff to share this commitment. Successful applicants will be subject to a police check.