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HR Officer - Recruitment

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To manage the employee lifecycle, from budget approval through individual vacancy approval and budget management of all HR / Staffing matters throughout the year. This is a role which will have seasonal variations, in 18/19 will commence with the recruitment process and grow from there, taking control of the MPP cycle in 2019. A key part of this role is being organized to ensure that all activity is recorded, as one of the current challenges is that often the actual staffing position varies from the budget without adequate explanation. Regular reporting on recruitment status, managing stakeholders/hiring managers to ensure hiring deadlines are met. A key activity will be to work on the development of the Group’s employer brand.


Key Accountabilities:

Autumn 1st Half Term -

  • Completing the onboarding process for incoming employees – issuing new joiners items & settling into the accommodation (by liaising with the FM staff) 
  • Liaise directly between Visa Facilitator and employee, taking ownership of all incoming employees
  • Update website, job descriptions etc. for the coming recruitment season
  • Work with HR Director, HR Manager and School Heads to define recruitment processes and controls for the year ahead
  • Commence recruitment cycle and begin to build talent pools, working tactically to ensure suitable candidates for one physics vacancy are made aware of others to ensure we get good candidates applying to multiple schools thus reducing advertising cost.
  • Commence work on MPP
  • Support contract renewals process
  • Finalise contracts for those renewing & new joiners
  • Support with posting and initial CV screening of all vacancies, evaluation of advertising performance, report to HRD and Headteacher weekly on vacancy progress.
  • Complete contracts and ensure contracts are aligned with budget and delegation of authority

Spring 2nd Half Term –

  • Focus on pre-boarding – Ensuring that information packs are ready and reference checks are completed, informing the relevant departments of the new staff in order for them to set up email id, workspace, equipment, Id. card etc. 
  • Coordinating with the Accommodation team for new staff accommodation
  • Conducting benefit eligibility verification for new staff
  • Focus on off-boarding – Ensuring that all EOS and other off-boarding activity is ready and communicating this to the staff who are leaving.
  • Liaise with the KHDA Coordinator/GRO to get the leaving certificates
  • Prepare internal Employment letters for leavers
  • Prepare and issue EOS drafts and clearance procedures as soon as notice of termination/non-renewal is given.
  • Focus on wrapping up any remaining recruitment activity
  • Finalise off-boarding for all group employees in liaison with other HR staff & the Facilities team for accommodation handover 


    Apart from the duties and responsibilities listed above, any additional duties as advised by the Management from time to time will also form a part of the job.


Role Specifications


  • Bachelor's Degree in Human Resources or relevant field from an accredited and renowned University is essential
  • HR certification would be advantageous


  • 3-5 years of experience in Recruitment preferably within the Education Sector.


  • Excellent MS Office skills (Word/XL/PowerPoint) are required
  • Excellent communication and English language skills are essential.
  • Pleasant personality, ability to be discreet and keep confidential information, proactive and energetic to undertake multiple jobs, is necessary.