Laboratory Technician - Senior School, Abu Dhabi

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Laboratory Technician - Senior School, Abu Dhabi

Job advert

We are looking to hire an experienced and qualified Laboratory Technician to join our vibrant team in Repton School, Abu Dhabi in September 2018. 


Job Description:

  1. Making up solutions. Stock solutions or requisition solutions for lessons
  2. Assembling apparatus for experiments
  3. Delivering equipment to rooms
  4. Collecting, checking and returning equipment from rooms to the storage area
  5. Disposing of waste materials according to local regulations and guidelines
  6. Carrying out and arranging for maintenance and repair of equipment
  7. Maintaining an up to date inventory of chemicals and equipment
  8. Regularly checking the quality of the chemicals
  9. Ensuring the setup, takedown, storage and cleaning of equipment 
  10. Taking care of any plants and animals kept in the laboratory
  11. Trailing practical activities
  12. Setting up of AV equipment
  13. Checking, repairing and maintaining textbooks
  14. Basic office administration for the laboratory

To be ready to take on any other duties that may be reasonably expected of this position as directed by the Head of Science or Other members of the SLT from time to time. 


Minimum job requirements:

  • Bachelors degree in Chemistry/Biology
  • One year experience in a similar position in a school