Learning Support Assistants

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Learning Support Assistants

Job advert

We are seeking to recruit Learning Support Assistants (LSA) both to work both on a 121 and whole school basis with children who have specific additional learning, developmental or other inclusion needs.


Main Functions:

  • To assist in promoting the learning and personal development of the pupil to whom you are assigned, to enable him/her to make best use of the educational opportunities available to them.   
  • To aid the pupil to learn as effectively as possible both in group situations and on his/her own by, for example:
  • Clarifying and explaining instructions
  • Ensuring the pupil is able to use equipment and materials providedMotivating and encouraging the pupil(s) as required by providing levels of individual attention, reassurance and help with learning tasks as appropriate to pupils’ needs
  • Assisting in weaker areas, e.g. speech and language, reading, spelling, numeracy, handwriting/presentation etcUsing praise, commentary and assistance to encourage the pupil to concentrate and stay on task
  • Liaising with class teacher, Head of Inclusion and other professionals about individual education plans (IEPs), contributing to the planning and delivery as appropriate
  • Providing additional nurture to individuals when requested by the class teacher or Head of Inclusion
  • Consistently and effectively implementing agreed behaviour management strategies
  • Helping to make appropriate resources to support the pupil
  • To establish supportive relationships with the pupil concerned 
  • To promote the acceptance and inclusion of the pupil with SEN, Classroom
  • To support the use of ICT in learning activities and with specific programmes to support learning. (For example – Clicker 6)
  • To provide regular feedback on the pupil’s learning and behaviour to the teacher/SENCO, including feedback on the effectiveness of the behaviour strategies adopted
  • Under the direction of the teacher, carry out and report on systematic observations of pupils to gather evidence of their knowledge, understanding and skills upon which the teacher makes judgements about their stage of development
  • When working with a group of pupils, understand and use group dynamics to promote group effectiveness and support group and individual performance
  • Where appropriate, to know and apply positive handling techniques  
  • To know and apply school policies on Child Protection, Health and Safety, Behaviour, Teaching and Learning, Equal Opportunities etc
  • Where appropriate to develop a relationship to foster links between home and school, and to keep the school informed of relevant information
  • To be aware of confidential issues linked to home/pupil/teacher/school
  • To contribute towards reviews of the pupil’s progress as appropriate
  • To comply with legal and organisational requirements for maintaining the health, safety and security of yourself and others in the learning environment
  • To take part in training activities offered by the school to further knowledge and skills of working with a child with specific learning difficulties
  • To be willing to support playground/break time supervision e.g.educational games, homework clubs etc
  • To accompany teacher and pupils on educational visits    
  • To provide individual support, as required, during examination session

Applications are welcomed from those experienced working in a school environment, and with experience working with children with additional needs.


The Ideal candidate must have:

  • Good literacy skills
  • An interest in working with children
  • Excellent communication skills
  • The ability to work as part of a team
  • Flexibility
  • Own residency visa (required)