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UK Qualified School Psychologist / Counsellor

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The new post of School Counsellor at Repton School Dubai has arisen from recognition that the demands for counselling and specialist advice are growing. In a world that makes increasing emotional and social demands on our children it is essential that schools provide an infrastructure of emotional and social support to underpin wellbeing.


This role is a full-time role being advertised for August 2019, however the school will consider an earlier start where appropriate


The successful applicant will be a UK qualified Social Worker or Counsellor with a BSc/MSc in Psychology, Social Work or similar discipline, with experience in Child Protection matters and with current membership of a relevant professional body. 


The School Counsellor will be responsible for developing a counselling strategy and provision that is specific to our context but equally in line with best practice globally. They will communicate with all stakeholders the ethos and specific details of the provision as well as providing ongoing training to members of the school community where appropriate.



  1. To provide high-quality counselling support to students and staff experiencing a range of emotional and/or social problems, in order to promote personal development and enhanced engagement with school and life beyond school.
  2. To promote student success by providing preventative care and advice as well as responding to identified student needs.
  3. To provide support, guidance and advice to parents, carers and the school.
  4. To act professionally and observe confidentiality in all dealings with pupils, parents and staff, and to provide all necessary support, in consultation with the pastoral leadership team, in order for the school to fulfil its aims.
  5. To contribute to the safeguarding and promotion of the welfare and personal care of children and young people.



  1. To provide an independent and confidential counselling offer to students and staff at Repton School, through individual sessions, responding to personal, social, emotional or educational concerns as needed.
  2. To support a diverse range of issues including: transition, anxiety and fears, depression, self-harm, anger management, erratic behaviour, eating disorders, bereavement, neglect and abuse of any kind.
  3. To promote a caring and supportive environment where such concerns may be explored, thereby promoting the mental and emotional health at Repton School.   
  4. To be responsible for maintaining confidentiality (except in those circumstances, in line with BACP practice, where this should be breached).
  5. To maintain appropriate records and to keep these secure.
  6. To make referrals, where appropriate and with the students’ consent, to other agencies.
  7. To liaise, where appropriate and with the students’ consent, with other staff and provide consultation to staff whose role it is to support students in distress.
  8. To liaise with the Designated Safeguarding Lead/s on a frequent basis and attend weekly Child Protection Meetings.
  9.  To provide regular audit information such as numbers, age range and types of problems to the SMT.
  10. To be alert to trends and patterns of problems and to be willing to identify causes and recommend corrective action.
  11. To have a thorough knowledge of the Mental Health policy as well as support services locally and nationally.
  12. To take responsibility for personal professional development, keeping up-to-date with research and developments which may lead to improvements in the counselling service provided.To ensure that as a counsellor they undertake regular and reflective supervisory discussion with the Assistant and Pastoral Deputy Headteachers in order to ensure best practice.
  13. To continually review and evaluate the service.


The successful candidate will have:

  • A minimum of 1 year post qualification experience
  • A minimum of 2 years working with children and young people
  • An understanding of the developmental, emotional, social and educational issues of children and young people
  • An awareness of the diversity of needs of people from a range of ethnic, cultural and social background.
  • Knowledge of how local mental health and CAMHS works in the UK, or equivalent experience and expertise overseas.
  • Knowledge of the Children’s Act, Wadeema’s Law and other legislation pertaining to children
  • Patience, tolerance, sensitivity and a non-judgemental attitude
  • Enthusiasm and a flexibility to adapt to change
  • The ability to work independently, managing a busy caseload and using initiative
  • Excellent written and verbal communication and listening skills